Everyone has a story…

I bring yours to life!

What makes up your story? It’s your interests, your sense of style, the things that make you happy, the places you’ve been, your background, your legacy, your journey.

As the only Interior Designer with a professional screenwriting background, I am uniquely qualified to help you tell the story of you… in your home.

Here’s how it works…

1. Start with the end in mind – In screenwriting, I start with the end in mind. We decide how you want the story to end.. what will happen to the main character, will they ride off into the sunset, will they live happily ever after?

With my design clients… we also start with the end in mind. We design and decide how we want the room to feel, what we want it to look like, what part of your story do we want to tell. I envision my client’s homes already finished before I ever start the design process.

“Know your ending before you know your beginning.”

2. Character Development: Each character in a screenplay contributes something to the overall story. And so it goes with each element in a room. Every piece contributes to the overall feel, purpose and style in a room. Therefore, every element must be carefully considered and well thought out before including it in the “story” of your room.

3. Focus: Start with the main character first.. then develop the other characters around him/her. We select the focal point of the room – fireplace, the view, the big screen TV and we build the design around that focal point. Each surrounding piece in your room supports the main focal point.

4. Act I, Act II, Act III: Just like in a screenplay, when designing your room, there are specific steps that must be performed in a specific order. For example… concept development, drawings, renderings, finish selection, fabrication, installation, etc. To produce the absolute very best results in your home, these steps or “Acts” must not be taken out of order.

5. The End – Happily Ever After: This is where everything comes together. You’ve arrived at the end, just like on the hero’s journey… the character rides off into the sunset. You have your beautiful room, home, project to enjoy for years to come.

How Can We Help?

By using our experienced interior design knowledge to provide you with the best advice on everything from pleasing color choices for your decor to creating aesthetically beautiful surroundings, specially for you, and doing it all through email.

Style questions?

We can tell you what kind of style best suits your needs—just email us photos of the areas of your home you have questions about, like your interior furnishings, or the exterior of your residence, and we can give you recommendations.

The right furniture

Have you ever fallen victim to a salesperson with little or no interior design background, and after getting the purchase home, discovered it looks terrible in your space? Let us help you avoid costly mishaps and choose that “just right” item to achieve a well designed living space!